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Noun, used as a suffix
1. clique, group, coterie
See 党派・とうは
2. (political) faction, wing, party, camp
See 流派・りゅうは
3. school
See 宗派・1
4. sect, denomination
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leaf, blade (of grass), (pine) needle
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counter for waves (of a repeated occurrence)
, 齒,
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See 序破急
middle section of a song (in gagaku or noh)
1. edge (of a knife or sword)
2. prong (of an electrical plug)
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Particle, pronounced わ in modern Japanese
1. indicates sentence topic
2. indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated)
3. adds emphasis
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See 覇を唱える
1. supremacy (over a nation), hegemony, domination, leadership
2. championship, victory
, 羽根, ,
1. feather, plume, down
2. wing
Only 羽根
3. blade (of a fan, propeller, etc.)
Only はね, See シャトル・1
4. shuttlecock (in badminton)
See 羽子・はご, also written as 羽子
5. shuttlecock (in hanetsuki)
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, 刺羽, 指羽, さし, さしば, えい,
large fan-shaped object held by an attendant and used to conceal the face of a noble, etc.