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野原, のは
field, plain, prairie, moor
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木の葉, このは, きのは
foliage, leaves of trees
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篠原, しのは
field of bamboo grass
焼け野原, 焼野原, やけのは
burnt field, burnt area
菜の花, なのは
Expression, See 菜・な・2
rape blossoms, rapeseed flowers
のは, 榎葉, エノハ
See 山女魚, Usually in kana
landlocked masu salmon
死の灰, しのは
lethal radioactive fallout, atomic dust
草の葉, くさのは
blade of grass
口の端, くちのは
1. gossip
2. corner of the mouth
木の端, きのは
fragment of wood
地の果て, ちのは
end of the earth
野の花, ののは
wild flowers
布幅, ぬのは
cloth width
のは, 其の筈, その筈
Expression, Usually in kana
only natural, no wonder, as expected, of course, as it should be
Expression, See って・1
means, is, as for
手の腹, てのは
Expression, See 掌・てのひら
palm (of one's hand)
言の葉, ことのは, ことのえ
1. word
See 和歌
2. waka (classic Japanese poem, esp. a tanka)
というのは, と言うのは
Expression, Conjunction, Usually in kana
1. because ..., for ..., the reason being ...
2. as for ..., when it comes to ..., regarding ..., how about ...
かものは, 鴨の嘴, 鴨嘴, カモノハシ
Usually in kana
platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)
菊の花, きくのは
主の箱, しゅのは
Ark of the Lord
壁の花, かべのは
one too shy to actively join in the party, wallflower
のはずく, 木の葉木菟, このはづく, コノハズク, コノハヅク
Usually in kana
Eurasian scops owl (Otus scops)
護摩の灰, 胡麻の蝿, ごまのは, ごまのは
thief posing as fellow traveller (traveler)
象の鼻, ぞうのは
trunk of an elephant
鉢の花, はちのは
flower in a pot
紐の端, ひものは
end of a string
船の腹, ふねのは
belly of a boat
道の端, みちのは
edge of a street
驢馬の橋, ロバの橋, ろばのは, ロバのは
pons asinorum (hurdle to learning)
義理の母, ぎりのは
mother-in-law, foster mother, stepmother
成れの果て, なれの果て, なれのは
the mere shadow of one's former self, the ruin of what one once was