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1. also, too, not ... either, as well, even
after the volitional or dictionary form of verb
2. (it's not possible) no matter what, although one might wish otherwise
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, うま, いま, おま, ウマ
1. horse
Only うま, See 競馬・けいば
2. horse racing
See 竜馬・りゅうめ・2, Shogi term, Abbreviation
3. promoted bishop
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, うま
1. the Horse (seventh sign of the Chinese zodiac)
See 午の刻, Obsolete term
2. hour of the Horse (around noon, 11am-1pm, or 12 noon-2pm)
3. south
4. fifth month of the lunar calendar
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すぎる, 過ぎる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
1. to pass through, to pass by, to go beyond
2. to pass (of time), to elapse
3. to have expired, to have ended, to be over
4. to exceed, to surpass, to be above
as 〜に過ぎない, etc.
5. to be no more than ...
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