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, なべ
1. pan, pot, saucepan
Noun, used as a suffix, See 鍋料理, Food term, Abbreviation
2. stew, hot pot
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なべ, 並べて, 並て
Adverb, Usually in kana
in general, generally, usually
鍋物, なべ, なべもの
stew, food cooked in a pot
なべ, 那辺加, ナベカ
Usually in kana
Omobranchus elegans (species of combtooth blenny)
鍋蓋, なべぶた
1. pan lid, pot lid
See 卦算冠
2. kanji "kettle lid" radical (radical 8)
鍋尻, なべじり
bottom of a pan or pot
鍋焼き, 鍋焼, なべやき
scalloped (noodles), boiled noodles served in a pot with broth
鍋釜, なべかま
pots and pans, kitchen utensils
鍋墨, なべずみ
soot on the bottom of a pot or pan
なべづる, 鍋鶴, ナベヅル
Usually in kana
hooded crane (Grus monacha)
鍋敷き, なべしき
pot stand
なべこう, 鍋鸛, ナベコウ
Usually in kana
black stork (Ciconia nigra)
鍋つかみ, 鍋掴み, なべつかみ
pot holder, oven glove, oven mitt
鍋帽子, なべぼうし
quilted cover placed over a pot or pan to keep its contents hot
鍋料理, なべりょうり
See 鍋物, Food term
hot pot cooking
鍋島焼, 鍋島焼き, なべしまやき
Nabeshima porcelains, Nabeshima ware
鍋奉行, なべぶぎょう
Humorous term
person who pushily takes charge when cooking a hot pot at the table, hotpot boss
鍋底, なべぞこ
(inner) bottom of a pot, lingering recession
鍋底景気, なべぞこけいき
lingering recession, an economy that lingers in the doldrums after bottoming out
鍋焼きうどん, 鍋焼き饂飩, なべやきうどん
See 鍋焼き, Food term
udon, vegetables, fish, etc. in broth, served in a pot
鍋パーティー, 鍋パーティ, なべパーティー, なべパーティ
hot pot party, party with guests sitting around a hot pot
なえ, なえに, なへに, なべ
Adverb, Archaism
accompanying, at the same time as, together with
もつ鍋, モツ鍋, もつなべ, モツなべ
See もつ, Food term
hot pot stew made with offal, vegetables and (often) miso
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なべ, お鍋, 御鍋, オナベ
See 鍋・1, Polite
1. pan, pot
Usually in kana, Slang, often derog.
2. transgender man (female-to-male), butch lesbian, female transvestite
Archaism, orig. used as a name for female servants in Edo-period literature
3. maidservant, housemaid
4. night work
小鍋, こなべ
See 鍋・1
small saucepan, small pot
品部, しなべ, ともべ
1. group of persons working at the imperial court (Yamato period)
2. various craftsmen and artisans under the ritsuryō system
なべ, 鰻鍋, う鍋, うなぎ鍋, うなぎなべ
Food term, Usually in kana
eel stew
火鍋, ひなべ, ホーコー, フゥオグゥオ
See 火鍋子・ホーコーツ, Food term
Chinese-style hot pot
煎鍋, いりなべ
roasting pan
破れ鍋, 割れ鍋, われなべ
cracked pot
蒸し鍋, むしなべ
steamer, casserole dish
揚げ鍋, 揚鍋, あげなべ
deep fryer, pot used for frying
肉鍋, にくなべ
1. meat-based hot pot
2. pan or pot for cooking meat