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, なに
1. what
2. you-know-what, that thing
3. whatsit, whachamacallit, what's-his-name, what's-her-name
Adverb, with neg. sentence
4. (not) at all, (not) in the slightest, huh?
Interjection, indicates anger or irritability
5. hey!
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何か, なに, なんか
1. something, some, any
2. somehow, for some reason
3. (is there) something (you want, etc.)
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何も, なに
Expression, with neg. verb
1. (not) anything, (nothing) at all, (not) any, nothing
as ...も何も
2. and everything else, and all
as ...なくてもいい, ...ことはない, etc.
3. (not) at all, (not) in the least, (not) especially, (not) to that extent
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なぜ, 何故, 何ゆえ, なにゆえ
Adverb, Usually in kana
why, how
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何気なく, 何げなく, 何気無く, なにげなく
Expression, Adverb
unintentionally, calmly, inadvertently, innocently
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何を隠そう, 何をかくそう, なにをかくそう
to be frank with you, to tell you the truth, I'm going to lay my cards on the table
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何より, なにより
Expression, Adverb
1. above anything else, above all, more than anything
May take 'no'
2. best, greatest, excellent, wonderful, most important
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何事, 何ごと, なにごと
1. what, what sort of thing
See 何事も・1
2. everything, anything
used to rebuke someone
3. what (on earth)?, what's the meaning of this ...?, what's this ... all about?
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何なのか, なんなのか, なになのか
what is it (that), the meaning of something, what something is about
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何者, 何もの, なにもの
who, what kind of person
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何しろ, なにしろ
Adverb, See 何せ
at any rate, anyhow, anyway, in any case, because, as you know, for you see
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何物, 何もの, なにもの
1. something
2. nothing (with neg. verb)
何かと, 何彼と, なにかと
one way or another, in many ways, in various ways
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何気ない, 何気無い, なにげない
casual, unconcerned, nonchalant
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難波, 浪花, 浪速, 浪華, なに
Naniwa (former name for Osaka region)
なにやら, 何やら
Adverb, See 何か・なにか・1, Usually in kana
1. something, some kind of
See 何か・なにか・2
2. for some reason
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何にも, なににも
Expression, Adverb, 何(なに) + にも
everything, all
何様, 何さま, なにさま
often used sarcastically
1. person of importance, a somebody
2. absolutely, certainly, to be sure
なに, 何せ, なんせ
Adverb, Usually in kana
at any rate, anyhow
何語, なに
what language
何くれ, 何呉, なにくれ
Adverb taking the 'to' particle, Adverb
in various ways
何分, 何ぶん, なにぶん
May take 'no'
1. some, any, (a) little, of some kind, of some sort
2. please
3. anyway, anyhow, at any rate, after all
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なにがし, 何がし, 何某, 某, なにぼう
Only なにがし, May take 'no', Usually in kana, usu. in the form なにがしか
1. certain amount, some
2. certain person, Mr So-and-so, a certain ...
Humble, Archaism
3. I, me
何人, 何びと, なにびと, なんびと, なんぴと
anyone, any person, whoever
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何気に, なにげに
Adverb, Colloquialism
1. inadvertently, for no special reason
2. truthfully, unexpectedly
3. after realizing, without knowing
何人, なにじん
what nationality
何用, なによう
what kind of business, what sort of matter
名に負う, なにおう
Expression, Godan verb, See 名にし負う・なにしおう
to be famous, to be celebrated, to be worthy of the name
なにくそ, 何糞
Usually in kana
damn it!, dang it!
何色, なにいろ
what color
何型, なにがた
1. what shape?, what type?, which model?
See 血液型・けつえきがた
2. which blood group?
何これ, 何コレ, なにこれ, なにコレ, ナニコレ
Interjection, Colloquialism
what the?, what's going on?, what's this?
何それ, 何ソレ, なにそれ, なにソレ, ナニソレ
Interjection, Colloquialism
what the?, what's that?, what are you doing?, what's going on?
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