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など, 等, 抔
Particle, Usually in kana
1. et cetera, etc., and the like, and so forth
after an approximate quote or vague suggestion
2. or something
lessening the significance or value of the previous word
3. the likes of
4. for example, for instance, for one
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Expression, See 等・など・1, occ. 等々
et cetera, etc., and the like, and so forth
名所, めいしょ, などころ
1. famous place
Only などころ
2. name of a part (of an instrument, etc.)
3. name and address
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侮る, あなど, あなずる
Godan verb, Transitive
to disdain, to look down on, to make light of, to hold in contempt, to scorn, to despise
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(philosophical) monad
うな丼, 鰻丼, うなぎ丼, うなど, うなぎどんぶり
bowl of eel and rice (donburi)
船留め, ふなど
preventing a ship from passing or from leaving port
fantasy object for masturbation
ナド, モナドろん
monadism, monadology
漁り, 漁, すなど
Takes suru
1. fishing, collecting shells
2. fisherman
綱鳥, つなど
See 時鳥, Obscure term
lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)
旦那取り, だんな取り, だんなど
Takes suru, See 妾奉公
1. to become a mistress, to serve as a concubine
See 主人に仕える
2. to serve one's master
ノンアド機能, ノンアドきのう
Computer terminology
nonadd function
などりねこ, 漁り猫, スナドリネコ
Usually in kana
fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus)
女同士, 女どうし, おんなどうし
1. fellow women
May take 'no'
2. between women, among women, woman-to-woman
花泥棒, はなどろぼう
flower thief, stealing flowers
橘鳥, たちばなど
See 時鳥, Obscure term
lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)
花時, はなど
flowering season
雛鳥, ひな鳥, ひなど
chick, baby bird
侮り, あなど
contempt, scorn
女道楽, おんなどうらく
womanizing, debauchery, philandering
侮りがたい, 侮り難い, あなどりがたい
formidable, not to be sneered at, not to be made light of
船床, ふなど
a boat's floorboards, ship's hold
花時計, はなどけい
flower clock
砂時計, すなどけい
砂時計ポインタ, すなどけいポインタ
Computer terminology
hourglass pointer
砂時計経済, すなどけいけいざい
hourglass economy, economy having large upper and lower classes and a small middle class
花灯籠, はなどうろう, はなどうろ
See 盆灯籠
flower lantern, Bon festival lantern that is decorated with artificial flowers or has a floral pattern
チャイナドレス, チャイナ・ドレス
qipao, cheongsam, mandarin dress
絨毛性ゴナドトロピン, じゅうもうせいゴナドトロピン
chorionic gonadotropin
See 性腺刺激ホルモン
gonadotropin (gonadotrophin)
着呼側Nアドレス, ちゃっこがわエンアドレス
Computer terminology
原薬等登録原簿, げんやくなどとうろくげんぼ
drug master file, DMF
ホウ, ハイ, など, すく.う
and so forth