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なくして, 無くして
Conjunction, See 無くしては, Usually in kana
without, in the event that it did not (or does not) exist
なくす, 無くす, 失くす
Conjugated: なくして
Godan verb, Transitive, Usually in kana
1. to lose (something)
2. to get rid of, to eliminate, to remove, to eradicate, to abolish
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亡くす, なくす
Conjugated: なくして
Godan verb, Transitive
to lose (through death; e.g. a wife, child)
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なくして, 無くしては
Conjunction, Usually in kana
in the event that it did not (or does not) exist, without
ほどなくして, 程なくして
Expression, See 程なく, Usually in kana
after a short while, not long after, soon, before long, shortly thereafter
女氏無くして玉の輿に乗る, おんなうじなくしてたまのこしにのる
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
even a woman of low birth can gain status by marrying rich (if she has the looks)