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1. name, given name
2. title
3. fame, renown, reputation
4. pretext, pretense, justification, appearance
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, 7, 漆, 柒, しち, , ひち,
Numeric, 漆 is used in legal documents
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, , ,
Only な, Particle, prohibitive; used with dictionary form verb
1. don't
imperative (from なさい); used with -masu stem of verb
2. do
Interjection, used to get someone's attention or press one's point
3. hey, listen, look, say
when seeking confirmation, for emphasis, etc.; used at sentence end
4. now, ..., well, ..., I tell you!, you know
used to express admiration, emotionality, etc.; used at sentence end
5. wow, ooh
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See 追儺, Archaism
(ceremony of) driving out evil spirits
, 汝,
Pronoun, Archaism
1. I
2. you
1. greens, vegetables
2. rape (Brassica napus), rapeseed
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