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どこ, 何処, 何所, 何處, いずこ, いずく, いづこ, いどこ
Pronoun, See ここ・1, See そこ・1, See あそこ・1, Usually in kana
1. where, what place
2. how much (long, far), what extent
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どこにも, 何処にも
Adverb, Usually in kana, with neg. verb
1. (not) anywhere, nowhere
2. everywhere
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どこまでも, 何処までも, 何処迄も
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. anywhere, for all time, to the ends of the earth
2. through thick and thin, come hell or high water, to the bitter end, to the utmost
3. persistently, stubbornly
4. in all respects, on every point
5. thoroughly, exhaustively
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どこにもない, 何処にもない
Expression, Usually in kana
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どこ, 何処か, どっか
Expression, Adverb, Usually in kana
somewhere, anywhere, in some respects
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どこ, 何処も
Conjunction, Usually in kana
1. everywhere, wherever
2. nowhere (with neg. verb), nothing
土工, 土功, どこ
1. earthwork, earthworks
Only 土工, Sensitive
2. laborer, labourer, navvy, construction worker
土侯, どこ
local ruler
土国, どこ
どこ, 何処ら, 何所ら
See 何処, Usually in kana
where, what place
どこ, 何処ぞ
Expression, Adverb, See 何処か, Usually in kana
somewhere (very vague), someplace (very vague)
Particle, usu. with neg. sentence; indicates that what precedes it is at odds with the seriousness or true extent of the situation
the place for, the time for, the level of
どこそこ, 何処其処
Pronoun, Usually in kana
such-and-such a place
どこでも, 何処でも
Adverb, Usually in kana
どこまで, 何処まで, 何処迄
Adverb, Usually in kana
how far, to what extent
どこいら, 何処いら, 何所いら
Pronoun, Usually in kana
where, whereabouts
どこへも, 何処へも
Adverb, Usually in kana
nowhere, not anywhere (with neg. verb)
どこやら, 何処やら, 何所やら
Usually in kana
1. somewhere
2. somehow
どこどこ, 何処何処
Pronoun, See 何処其処・どこそこ, Usually in kana
such-and-such a place
どこの誰, どこのだれ
Expression, Pronoun, emphatic ver. of 誰
who the heck, just who
どこらへん, どこら辺, 何処ら辺
Expression, See どこら辺り・どこらあたり, Usually in kana
where, whereabouts
どこ情報, どこじょうほう
Expression, Colloquialism
where did you hear that?, who did you get that from?
どころか, 所か, 処か
Particle, Usually in kana
1. far from, anything but, not at all
2. let alone, to say nothing of, not to mention, much less
どことなく, 何処となく, 何処と無く
Adverb, Usually in kana
somehow, for some reason, in some way, vaguely
どこらあたり, どこら辺り, 何処ら辺り
Expression, See どこら辺・どこらへん, Usually in kana
where, whereabouts
どこにでも, 何処にでも
Adverb, See 何処でも, Usually in kana, 何処でも with に
どこ吹く風, 何処吹く風, どこふくかぜ
showing no concern at all, being not at all bothered, devil-may-care attitude
Conjunction, See であれ
どこかしら, 何処かしら
Expression, Adverb, Usually in kana
1. in some way, somehow or other
2. somewhere or other
Expression, Adverb, See 何処でも
どこをどう, 何処を如何
Expression, Adverb, See 如何・どう, Usually in kana, emphatic
how, in what way, I wonder
どこもかも, 何処もかも
Usually in kana
all over, all over the place, everywhere
どこだって, 何処だって
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. where?
See 何処でも・どこでも
2. anywhere