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どうして, 如何して
Adverb, See どうやって, Usually in kana
1. how, in what way, by what means
2. why, for what reason, for what purpose, what for
3. cannot possibly
Interjection, often as どうして、どうして
4. no way
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どうして, 如何しても
Expression, Adverb, Usually in kana
1. by all means, at any cost, no matter what, at any rate, surely
2. whether (one is) willing or not, willingly or unwillingly, willy-nilly
with. neg. verb
3. on no account, by no means
4. in the end, in the long run, after all, eventually
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同志的, どうして
How did you like ...?, How about ...?, What's going on?, How's it going?
大山鳴動して鼠一匹, 泰山鳴動して鼠一匹, 大山鳴動してねずみ一匹, たいざんめいどうしてねずみいっぴき
much ado about nothing, The mountains have brought forth a mouse (Aesop)