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といえば, と言えば
Expression, Usually in kana
1. speaking of ...
2. when it comes to ..., as for ..., if one were to say ...
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と言えば, 右といえば左, みぎといえばひだり
always contradicting what other people say
元はと言えば, もとはと言えば, もとはといえば
when it comes to the cause, when you get right down to it, as for what started it, as for the reason, originally
と言えば, のみといえばつち
Expression, Proverb, Obscure term
one should do more than what is literally being asked for, when told (to bring) the chisel, (also bring) the mallet
あまりといえば, あまりと言えば, 余りと言えば
Expression, Usually in kana
ツーと言えばカー, つうと言えばかあ, ツーといえばカー, つうといえばかあ
Expression, See ツーカー
quick to take a hint, very responsive, quick on the uptake
どちらかといえば, どちらかと言えば
Expression, See どちらかと言うと, Usually in kana
if anything, if pushed I'd say, if I had to say
どっちかといえば, どっちかと言えば
Expression, See どっちかと言うと・どっちかというと, See どちらかと言えば・どちらかといえば, Usually in kana
if anything, if pushed I'd say, if I had to say
何かといえば, 何かと言えば, なにかといえば
Expression, See 何かと言うと
on the least pretext, at the drop of a hat