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ところ, 所, 処, 處, とこ
Adverb, Suffix, also pronounced どころ when a suffix
1. place, spot, scene, site
Usually in kana
2. address
3. district, area, locality
4. one's house
See いいとこ・1
5. point, aspect, side, facet
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ところ, 野老, やろう, トコロ
Usually in kana
1. Dioscorea tokoro (species of wild yam)
Only やろう
2. old man living in the countryside
ところ, 所が
Conjunction, Usually in kana
even so, however, still, whereupon, even though, nevertheless, on the contrary, as a matter of fact, despite
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ところ, 所で
Conjunction, Usually in kana
1. by the way, incidentally
after the plain past form of a verb
2. even if, no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how)
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ところどころ, 所々, 所所, 処々, 処処, しょしょ
Adverb, Usually in kana
here and there, in places
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ところ, 所へ
Expression, Usually in kana
thereupon, shortly thereafter
Particle, usu. with neg. sentence; indicates that what precedes it is at odds with the seriousness or true extent of the situation
the place for, the time for, the level of
ところ, とこを
Particle, Conjunction
although (it is a certain time or something is in a certain condition), even though normally
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ところてん, 心太, ところ, 心天, 瓊脂
Food term, Usually in kana
1. gelidium jelly strips (made from agar-agar)
Vulgar expression or word, gay slang
2. prostate orgasm
所柄, ところがら
character of a particular place
所書き, 所書, ところ書き, ところがき
(written) address
ところでは, 所では
Expression, Usually in kana
so far as
Expression, See 所・ところ・1, usual meaning
1. from the place (where)
Conjunction, See ことから
2. from the fact that ..., caused by the fact that ..., because
野老葛, 冬薯蕷葛, ところずら
See 野老, Archaism
Dioscorea tokoro (species of wild yam)
所払い, ところばらい
historical term
banishment from one's residence as a form of judicial punishment
所得顔, ところえがお
look of triumph
所狭い, ところせまい
crowded, packed, crammed, cramped, filled, overflowing
ところにより, 所により
Expression, Usually in kana
in places
, どころ
Noun, used as a suffix, esp. in names of restaurants
restaurant, specialist
所番地, ところばんち
所嫌わず, ところきらわず
Expression, Adverb
anywhere, everywhere, indiscriminate(ly), no matter where
ところかまわず, 所構わず, ところ構わず
Expression, Adverb, Usually in kana
irrespective of the occasion, indiscriminately
所を替える, ところをかえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to change sides, to change places
ところてん式に, ところてんしきに
systematically, in turn, consequentially, mechanically, automatically
所変わって, ところ変わって, ところかわって
Expression, See 話変わって・はなしかわって
meanwhile, in the meantime
所狭しと, ところ狭しと, 所せましと, 所せしと, ところせましと, ところせしと
crowded, packed, crammed, cramped, filled, overflowing
on the contrary
所変われば品変わる, ところ変われば品変わる, ところかわればしなかわる
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
so many countries, so many customs
みたところ, 見たところ, 見た所
Expression, Usually in kana
in appearance, to look at, judging from appearances
お所, 御所, 御処, おところ
Honorific or respectful
your address, your place of residence
, ふところ
1. inside the breast of one's clothing (esp. kimono), bosom, (breast) pocket
2. space between one's chest and outstretched arms, (one's) reach
3. heart (e.g. of a mountain), bosom (e.g. of nature), depths, inner part
4. mind, inner thoughts
5. money (one is carrying), purse, pocketbook
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いたるところ, 至る所, 至るところ, いたる所, 到る所, 到るところ, 至る処, 到る処, いたる処
Expression, Adverb, Usually in kana
everywhere, all over, throughout
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ところ, 一頃, 一ころ
Adverb, Usually in kana
once, some time ago
今のところ, 今の所, いまのところ
Expression, Adverb
at present, currently, so far, for now, for the time being