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当たらずといえども遠からず, 中らずと雖も遠からず, 中らずといえども遠からず, あたらずといえどもとおからず
not exactly correct, but pretty close to it, not far off the mark
靴新しと雖も首に加えず, 沓新しと雖も首に加えず, くつあたらしといえどもくびにくわえず
Expression, Proverb
there must be a clear distinction between the upper and lower classes, even new shoes must not be worn on the head
嘉肴ありと雖も食らわずんばその旨きを知らず, かこうありといえどもくらわずんばそのうまきをしらず
Expression, Proverb
one cannot understand even a holy man's teachings without study, one cannot know the abilities of a great man without putting him to use, one cannot know the delicious taste of fine food without eating it