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, 門,
Only 戸, See 扉・1
1. door (esp. Japanese-style)
2. shutter, window shutter
3. entrance (to a home)
4. narrows
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, 10, 拾, 一〇, じゅう, ,
Numeric, 拾 is used in legal documents
1. ten
Only とお
2. ten years of age
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1. to, traditional unit of volume, approx. 18 litres
See 枡形・2
2. square bearing block (at the top of a pillar)
See 二十八宿, See 玄武・げんぶ・2, Astronomy term
3. Chinese "Dipper" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
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, , ど
way, route
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See 東京都
1. Metropolis (of Tokyo), (Tokyo) Metropolitan District, metropolitan prefecture
2. counter for cities and towns
See 都・みやこ・1
3. capital
See 土耳古・1, Abbreviation
Particle, Conjunction
1. if, when
2. and
3. with
4. used for quoting (thoughts, speech, etc.)
See と金, Shogi term, Abbreviation
5. promoted pawn
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See 砥石・といし
whetstone, grindstone
Obscure term
fence, wall, hedge
party, set, gang, company, person
See 伊呂波順・いろはじゅん
1. 7th in a sequence denoted by the iroha system
Music term
2. 7th note in the diatonic scale (used in key names, etc.), G
, そ,
1. outside, exterior
2. the open (air)
Antonym: うち・6
3. other place, somewhere else, outside one's group (family, company, etc.)
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