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, 門,
Only 戸, See 扉・1
1. door (esp. Japanese-style)
2. shutter, window shutter
3. entrance (to a home)
4. narrows
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, 10, 拾, 一〇, じゅう, ,
Numeric, 拾 is used in legal documents
1. ten
Only とお
2. ten years of age
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1. to, traditional unit of volume, approx. 18 litres
See 枡形・2
2. square bearing block (at the top of a pillar)
See 二十八宿, See 玄武・げんぶ・2, Astronomy term
3. Chinese "Dipper" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
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, , ど
way, route
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See 東京都
1. Metropolis (of Tokyo), (Tokyo) Metropolitan District, metropolitan prefecture
2. counter for cities and towns
See 都・みやこ・1
3. capital
See 土耳古・1, Abbreviation
Particle, Conjunction
1. if, when
2. and
3. with
4. used for quoting (thoughts, speech, etc.)
See と金, Shogi term, Abbreviation
5. promoted pawn
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See 砥石・といし
whetstone, grindstone
Obscure term
fence, wall, hedge
party, set, gang, company, person
See 伊呂波順・いろはじゅん
1. 7th in a sequence denoted by the iroha system
Music term
2. 7th note in the diatonic scale (used in key names, etc.), G
, そ,
1. outside, exterior
2. the open (air)
Antonym: うち・6
3. other place, somewhere else, outside one's group (family, company, etc.)
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いう, 言う, ゆう
Expression, Usually in kana
1. called, named, that says
after a quantity
2. as many as, as much as
as ...という...
3. all ..., every single ...
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自民党, じみん
See 自由民主党・1, Abbreviation
Liberal Democratic Party, LDP
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社会党, しゃかい
Socialist Party
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検討, けん
Takes suru
consideration, examination, investigation, study, scrutiny, discussion, analysis, review
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本当, 本當, ほん, ほん, ホント, ホントー, ホントウ
May take 'no', NA-adjective
1. truth, reality, actuality, fact
2. proper, right, correct, official
3. genuine, authentic, real, natural, veritable
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与党, よ
May take 'no'
ruling party, government party, party in power
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政党, せい
May take 'no'
political party
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野党, や
May take 'no'
opposition party, political opposition
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担当, たん
Takes suru
being in charge (of an area of responsibility), being responsible (for a work role, etc.)
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問う, 訪う,
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to ask, to inquire
2. to blame (someone) for, to accuse of, to pursue (question of responsibility), to charge with
See 問わず, used in neg. form
3. to care about, to regard as important
usu. in passive form
4. to call into question, to doubt, to question
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統一, ういつ
Takes suru
unity, consolidation, uniformity, unification, compatible
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Noun, used as a suffix
1. party (political)
See 甘党
2. person who is fond of, fan of
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共産党, きょうさん
Communist Party
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新党, しん
new (political) party
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問い合わせ, 問合せ, 問い合せ, 問合わせ, いあわせ
enquiry, inquiry, query, interrogation, ENQ
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相当, そう
Takes suru, May take 'no'
1. corresponding to (in meaning, function, etc.), being equivalent to
2. appropriate, suitable, befitting, proportionate
3. to be proportionate to, to be in keeping with, to be deserving of, to be worthy of
4. considerable, substantial
5. considerably, rather, quite, fairly, pretty
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回答, かい
Takes suru
reply, answer
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中東, ちゅう
Middle East
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同党, どう
the same political party
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公明党, こうめい
Komeito (Japanese political party)
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戦闘, せん
Takes suru, May take 'no'
battle, fight, combat
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与野党, よや
ruling and opposition parties, parties in and out of power
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伝統, でん
tradition, convention
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民社党, みんしゃ
Democratic Socialist Party
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民主党, みんしゅ
1. Democratic Party (esp. DPJ or US Democratic Party)
See 立憲民主党・1, Abbreviation
2. Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan
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東海, うかい
1. region south of Tokyo on Pacific Ocean side of Japan, eastern sea
See 日本海
2. East Sea (Korean name for Sea of Japan)
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両党, りょう
both political parties
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Godan verb, Transitive
1. to untie, to unfasten, to unwrap, to undo, to unbind, to unpack
2. to unsew, to unstitch
3. to solve, to work out, to answer
4. to dispel (misunderstanding, etc.), to clear up, to remove (suspicion), to appease
5. to dissolve (a contract), to cancel, to remove (a prohibition), to lift (a ban), to raise (a siege)
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東欧, うおう
See 西欧・1
Eastern Europe
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ありが, 有り難う, 有難う, ありが
Interjection, See 有り難い, See 有り難うございます, Usually in kana, Abbreviation, from 有り難く
thank you, thanks
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強盗, ごう
1. robber, mugger
2. robbery, burglary
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, 仮令, 縦え, 縦令, た
Adverb, Usually in kana, often paired with ても, でも, and とも
even if, no matter (what), though, although, supposing, supposing that, -ever