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Conjugated: でした
Expression, See だ・1, See であります, Polite, polite copula
be, is
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Conjunction, See だったら, Polite
if it's the case
袖下, そでした
1. bottom of the sleeve
2. height of the sleeve (of traditional Japanese clothing)
See 袖の下
3. secret, secret bribe
Expression, See ません, Polite
suffix used to negate a verb in the past tense
ごちそうさまでした, ご馳走様でした, ご馳走さまでした, 御馳走様でした
Expression, Usually in kana
thank you for the meal, that was a delicious meal, what a wonderful meal
お粗末さまでした, お粗末様でした, おそまつさまでした
Expression, See お粗末, Humble, said by the person who provided a meal after it is eaten
apologies for the crude food