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詰まる, つまる
Conjugated: つまらないで
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to be packed (with), to be full (space, schedule, etc.)
See 鼻が詰まる
2. to be blocked (road, pipe, nose, etc.), to be clogged, to be plugged up
3. to shorten (width, interval, etc.), to shrink (shirt, word form, etc.), to narrow
See 言葉に詰まる, See 気の詰まる・きのつまる, often in the form …につまる
4. to be at a loss, to be hard pressed
See 詰まる所・つまるところ
5. to end up, to be settled
See more > common
, 為
See する・1, Usually in kana, literary form of する
to do
, 鬆
Usually in kana
1. cavity (in old root vegetables, tofu, metal casting, etc.), pore, hollow, bubble, blowhole
May take 'no'
2. porous, pithy, spongy
Auxiliary, See です, Abbreviation, semi-polite copula
be, is
だれ, 簾, 簀垂れ,
Usually in kana
1. bamboo screen, rattan blind
Only すだれ
2. bamboo mat (for rolling sushi)