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例え, 喩え, 譬え, たとえ
esp. 例え
1. example
esp. 喩え, 譬え
2. simile, metaphor, allegory, fable, parable
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たとえ, 仮令, 縦え, 縦令, たとい
Adverb, Usually in kana, often paired with ても, でも, and とも
even if, no matter (what), though, although, supposing, supposing that, -ever
例えば, たとえ
for example, for instance, e.g.
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例える, 喩える, 譬える, たとえ
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to compare (something) to, to liken, to speak figuratively, to use a simile, to use a metaphor
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たとえ, 例え話, 譬え話, 譬話, たとえばなし
allegory, fable, parable
たとえ, 譬え歌, 喩え歌, たとえうた
See 譬喩歌
1. metaphorical poem (of the Man'yōshū)
See 六義・2
2. metaphorical form (of waka)
例えるなら, たとえるなら
Expression, See 例えば
for example
例えに言う, たとえに言う, たとえにいう
Expression, Godan verb
to speak metaphorically
例えて言うと, たとえて言うと, たとえていうと
figuratively speaking, metaphorically speaking, so to speak, to use a figure of speech
例えようもない, 例え様もない, 例え様も無い, たとえようもない
beyond comparison, incomparable