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See そこはかとなく
faint, slight, vague, nebulous, indeterminate, tinge of ..., touch of ...
Adverb, See そこはかとない
somehow, in some way, for some reason, faintly, vaguely
若干, 幾許, じゃっかん, そこば, そくばく, そこば
May take 'no'
1. some, few, a number of, a little (bit)
2. somewhat, to a certain extent
Only そこばく, Only そくばく, Only そこば, Archaism
3. many, a lot
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倉庫番, そうこば
warehouseman, storekeeper
相互排他, そうごはいた
May take 'no'
mutual exclusion
相互配属, そうごはいぞく
cross attachment
相互排除, そうごはいじょ
Computer terminology
mutual exclusion