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そこ, 其処, 其所
Pronoun, See どこ・1, See ここ・1, See あそこ・1, Usually in kana
1. there (place relatively near listener)
2. there (place just mentioned), that place
3. then (of some incident just spoken of), that (of point just raised)
4. you
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, そこ
bottom, sole
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そこ, 其処で
Conjunction, Usually in kana
so, accordingly, now, then, thereupon, therefore
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そこらへん, そこら辺, 其処等辺
Adverb, See そこら, Usually in kana, Colloquialism
hereabouts, around there, that area
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祖国, そこ
motherland, fatherland, native country
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損なう, 害う, 損う, そこなう
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to harm, to hurt, to injure, to damage, to spoil, to mar
Auxiliary verb
2. to fail to ..., to miss one's opportunity to ...
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Adverb, May take 'no', Onomatopoeic or mimetic word
1. reasonably, fairly, all right, moderate
in the form もそこそこに
2. hurriedly, in a rush, having barely finished
3. approximately, about, or so
損ねる, そこねる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to harm, to hurt, to injure, to wreck
Auxiliary verb
2. to miss one's chance to (do something), to fail to (do what one ought to have done)
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底入れ, そこいれ
Takes suru
bottoming out (of prices)
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そこ, 其処ら
Usually in kana
everywhere, somewhere, approximately, that area, around there
粗鋼, そこ
crude steel
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底力, そこぢから
hidden reserves of strength, latent energy, potentiality, real strength
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底打ち, そこうち
bottoming out
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底をつく, 底を突く, そこをつく
Expression, Godan verb
1. to run out of, to dry up, to be depleted
2. to hit the bottom, to bottom out
底堅い, そこがたい
stable (market) after having bottomed out
底値, そこ
bottom price
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底抜け, 底ぬけ, そこぬけ
May take 'no'
1. bottomless (bucket, etc.)
2. unbounded (good nature, optimism, etc.), boundless, extreme, uninhibited
3. imprudent, indiscreet, undisciplined, careless
See 底抜け上戸, Abbreviation
4. extremely heavy drinker
Finance term
5. freefall (of a market)
粗鉱, そこ
crude ore, raw ore
底荷, そこ
そこ, 其処な
Pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi), Usually in kana, Archaism
祖考, そこ
Obscure term
1. deceased grandfather, deceased father and grandfather
2. distant ancestor, forefather
素行, そこ
behaviour, behavior
そこいら, 其処いら
Usually in kana
that area
go that far, to that extent
底豆, そこまめ
blister (on the sole of the foot), corn
底なし, 底無し, そこなし
May take 'no'
bottomless, endlessly deep, infinite
底上げ, そこあげ
Takes suru
raising (the standard)
底割れ, そこわれ
Takes suru
situation where the bottom has dropped out
底積み, そこづみ
stowage at the bottom, goods stowed at the bottom
底革, そこがわ
sole leather
そこここ, 其処此処
Usually in kana
here and there, in places
底意地, そこいじ
latent disposition, inner feelings
そこから, そっから
from there, thence
そこら中, 其処ら中, そこらじゅう
everywhere, all over the place
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