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贅沢, ぜいたく
1. luxury, extravagance
Takes suru
2. to live in luxury, to indulge oneself
3. lavish (use of something), abundant, copious, wasteful
See 贅沢を言う・ぜいたくをいう
4. excessive (e.g. demands, expectations)
ぜいたく, 贅沢屋, ぜいたく
Obscure term
person who lives an extravagant lifestyle
贅沢品, ぜいたく, ぜいたくひん
luxury item
贅沢を言う, ぜいたくを言う, ぜいたくをいう
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to ask for too much, to expect too much
贅沢三昧, ぜいたくざんまい
indulging in every possible luxury
贅沢を言えばきりがない, 贅沢を言えばキリがない, 贅沢を言えば切りがない, ぜいたくをいえばきりがない, ぜいたくをいえばキリがない
one can never be completely satisfied
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