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ずっと, ずーっと
Adverb, ずーっと is emphatic
1. continuously, the whole time, all the way, throughout
2. much (more), (by) far, far and away, a lot, a great deal
3. far (away), long (ago, before, after)
4. straight, directly
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すっと, スッと, スーッと, すうっと
Adverb, Takes suru, Onomatopoeic or mimetic word, スーッと and すうっと are more emphatic
1. straight, quickly, directly, all of a sudden
2. quietly, gently, softly
3. to feel refreshed, to feel satisfied
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ずっと前に, ずっとまえに
a long time ago
ズッ友, ずっ友, ズッとも, ずっと
Abbreviation, Slang, short for ずっと友達
friends forever
素っ飛ぶ, すっ飛ぶ, すっと
Godan verb, Intransitive, See 飛ぶ・5
1. to fly, to race away, to shoot off
See 飛ぶ・6
2. to vanish, to disappear
See 飛ぶ・4
3. to rush over, to hurry over
ずっと, あいだずっと
Expression, Adverb
throughout, all through, right through
すっ飛ばす, 素っ飛ばす, すっとばす
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to speed, to tear away
2. to skip over (e.g. pages)