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駿河, するが
historical term
Suruga (former province located in the central and northern parts of present-day Shizuoka Prefecture)
するがいい, するが良い, するがよい
Expression, Usually in kana
had better ..., may as well ...
どうするか, どうしますか
what would (you) do?, what to do about it
駿河問い, するがどい
historical term
form of bondage torture in which the victim is hung from the ceiling with their hands and legs bound behind them and a rock placed on their back (Edo period)
に関する限り, に関するかぎり, にかんするかぎり
Expression, See 関する
as far as ... is concerned, so far as ... can tell
ならぬ堪忍するが堪忍, 成らぬ堪忍するが堪忍, ならぬかんにんするがかんにん
Expression, Proverb
to endure what is unendurable is true endurance