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する, 為る
Conjugated: した
Usually in kana
1. to do, to carry out, to perform
2. to cause to become, to make (into), to turn (into)
3. to serve as, to act as, to work as
4. to wear (clothes, a facial expression, etc.)
as 〜にする,〜とする
5. to judge as being, to view as being, to think of as, to treat as, to use as
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, した
1. below, down, under, younger (e.g. daughter)
2. bottom
3. beneath, underneath
as 下から, 下より, etc.
4. just after, right after
May take 'no'
5. inferiority, one's inferior (i.e. one's junior)
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, した
1. tongue
2. tongue-like object, clapper (of a bell), talon (of a lock)
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, した
See リード・6, Music term
reed (of a musical instrument)
したためる, 認める
Ichidan verb, Transitive, Usually in kana
1. to write (e.g. a letter), to draw up (a document), to take down (e.g. notes)
2. to have (lunch, dinner, etc.), to eat
従う, 随う, 順う, 遵う, 從う, 隨う, したがう
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to obey (an order, law, etc.), to abide by (a rule, custom, etc.), to follow, to observe, to conform to, to yield to
2. to follow (a person), to accompany, to go with
3. to go alongside (e.g. a river), to follow (e.g. a sign)
4. to serve (as), to engage in (work)
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下回る, したまわる
Godan verb, Transitive, See 上回る
to fall below (esp. figures: profits, unemployment rate, etc.), to be less than, to be lower than, to fall just short of, to be just under
親しい, したしい
1. close (e.g. friend), familiar, friendly, intimate
2. familiar (e.g. story), well-known (to one)
3. close (relatives), closely related
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したがって, 従って
Conjunction, See にしたがって, Usually in kana
therefore, consequently, accordingly
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See たい・1, See 為る・する・1
want to do
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死体, 屍体, した
dead body, corpse, cadaver, carcass
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親しむ, したしむ
Godan verb, Intransitive
to be intimate with, to befriend
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支度, 仕度, した
Takes suru
preparation, arrangements
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下着, した
underwear, undergarment, underclothes, lingerie
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下町, したまち
1. low-lying part of a city (usu. containing shops, factories, etc.)
See 山の手・2
2. Shitamachi (low-lying area of eastern Tokyo near Tokyo Bay, incl. Asakusa, Shitaya, Kanda, Fukugawa, Honjo, Nihonbashi, Kyobashi and surrounds)
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仕立てる, したてる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to tailor, to make (clothing)
2. to train, to bring up
3. to make it seem like, to pass off
4. to turn into a play or movie
5. to prepare, to send, to despatch
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下請け, 下請, したうけ
Takes suru
1. subcontract
2. subcontractor (person or company)
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親しみ, したしみ
intimacy, affection, familiarity
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仕立て, 仕立, した
tailoring, dressmaking, sewing, making, preparation
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下敷き, 下敷, したじき
1. desk pad, sheet of plastic (or cardboard, felt, etc.) placed under writing paper, underlay
2. being pinned under, being caught under, being trapped under, being buried under, being crushed beneath
often as 〜を下敷きにして
3. model, pattern
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慕う, した
Godan verb, Transitive
1. to yearn for, to long for, to pine for, to miss, to love dearly, to adore
2. to follow (someone)
3. to idolize (for virtue, learning, status, etc.)
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下支え, したざさえ
Takes suru
support, backup, prop, backstay, underpinning
下地, した
1. groundwork, foundation
2. inclination, aptitude, elementary knowledge (of), grounding (in)
3. undercoat, first coat
See お下地
4. soy sauce
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従える, 随える, したがえる
Ichidan verb, Transitive
1. to be accompanied by, to be attended by, to take along (someone)
2. to conquer, to subjugate, to subdue
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下手投げ, したてなげ
Baseball term
1. underhand throw
Sumo term
2. underarm throw
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下見, した
Takes suru
1. preliminary inspection, having a look in advance
2. preparatory read-through (e.g. of lesson notes)
See 下見板・したみいた
3. siding (on a house), clapboard, weatherboard
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下火, した
burning low, waning, declining
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下値, した
lowest price
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肢体, した
limbs, arms and legs, body
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下取り, したどり
Takes suru
trade in, part exchange
下書き, したがき
Takes suru
draft, rough copy
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下絵, した
rough sketch, design, cartoon
仕立て屋, 仕立屋, したてや
tailor, dressmaker
下心, したごころ
1. secret intention, ulterior motive
2. kanji "heart" radical at bottom
下積み, したづみ
May take 'no'
1. goods piled beneath, lower layer
2. lowest social strata, bottom (of the ladder), low rank, obscurity
下家, 下屋, した, げや, しもや
small attached annex, lean-to