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これを機に, これを期に, これをきに
Expression, formal or literary term
with this (as a reason, excuse, impetus, starting point, etc.), taking this as an opportunity, as a result (of this), as a consequence, from this point forward
これをもって, これを以て, 是を以て, 此れを以て
Expression, formal or literary term, Usually in kana
with this (I) ...
これを書いている時点で, これをかいているじてんで
at the time of writing
兎死すれば狐これを悲しむ, うさぎしすればきつねこれをかなしむ
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
people have sympathy for kindred in distress, when the rabbit dies, the fox grieves
過ちて改めざるこれを過ちという, 過ちて改めざる是を過ちという, 過ちて改めざる是を過ちと謂う, あやまちてあらためざるこれをあやまちという
Expression, Proverb, from the Analects of Confucius
to err and not change one's ways, this is what it is to err
窮鳥懐に入れば猟師もこれを殺さず, きゅうちょうふところにいればりょうしもこれをころさず
Expression, Proverb
even the hunter will refrain from killing the bird that has flown to him for shelter
断じて行えば鬼神も之を避く, だんじておこなえばきしんもこれをさく
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
where there's a will, there's a way
身体髪膚これを父母に受くあえて毀傷せざるは孝の始めなり, 身体髪膚これを父母に受くあえて毀傷せざるは孝の始なり, しんたいはっぷこれをふぼにうくあえてきしょうせざるはこうのはじめなり
Expression, Proverb, from The Classic of Filial Piety
filial piety begins with not harming one's own body (as one's entire body was given by one's parents)