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これは, 此れは
Expression, Usually in kana
1. as for this
Interjection, See こりゃ, expression of surprise when one encounters something unexpected
2. hey there, see here, I say
Adverb, usu. used adjectivally as これはという or これはと思う
strikingly, perfectly
これはこれは, 此れは此れは
Interjection, See これは・2, Usually in kana, emphatic expression of surprise when one encounters something unexpected
hey there, see here, I say
なんだこれは, 何だこれは
Expression, See 何だこりゃ・なんだこりゃ, Colloquialism, Usually in kana
what on Earth is this?
凝る, こる
Conjugated: これば
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to become stiff (of muscles)
2. to get absorbed in, to develop a passion for, to devote oneself to, to become obsessed with, to get hooked on
3. to be elaborate, to be intricate, to be exquisite, to be particular about, to pay great attention to
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こればかり, 此れ許り, 是許り, 此許り
Usually in kana
1. only this, this much
May take 'no'
2. this small amount (degree, extent)
as こればかりも with neg. verb
3. (not) in the slightest, (not) at all
梱る, こうる, こる
Conjugated: これば
Godan verb, Transitive, See 行李, Obscure term, possibly from 行李
to pack, to box, to package
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