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from the fact that ...
誤投下, ごとうか
accidental bombing
高度化, こうどか
Takes suru
increase in sophistication, enhancement of functionality, increase in speed, upgrading
事欠く, ことか
Godan verb, Intransitive
to lack
事欠かない, ことかかない
having plenty (of something), having all one needs
高等科, こうとうか
advanced course
ことがある, 事がある
Expression, Godan verb, See 事がない・ことがない・1, Usually in kana, after the past tense form of a verb
1. (for something) to have occurred, to have done (something)
See 事がない・ことがない・2
2. (for something) to happen on occasion
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ことがない, 事がない, ことが無い, 事が無い
Expression, Usually in kana, after the past tense form of a verb
1. (something) has never occurred, to have never done (something), such a thing has not happened
2. never happens, there is never a time when
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ことができる, ことが出来る, 事ができる, 事が出来る
Expression, Ichidan verb, Usually in kana, usu. verb+ことが...
to be able (to), to be possible (to)
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事柄, 事がら, ことが
matter, thing, affair, circumstance
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知ったことか, 知った事か, しったことか
I have nothing to do with it
あろうことか, 有ろう事か, 有ろうことか
Expression, Usually in kana
of all things
上記のことか, じょうきのことか
given the above
I got it, I see, I now know, So that's the reason
それ見たことか, それ見た事か, それみたことか
Expression, used when someone ignores your advice and ultimately fails at something
I told you so, you see that?
言うに事欠いて, いうにことかいて
that's not a nice thing to say, that's not a nice way of putting it, there was no need to say that
by a strange coincidence, in an unexpected turn of events, by chance, by accident
ギョエテとは俺のことかとゲーテいい, ギョエテとは俺のことかとゲーテ言い, ギョエテとはおれのことかとゲーテいい
you say tomato, I say tomato, (your) Goethe ("Gyoete") is whom I call Goethe ("Gēte")
としたことが, とした事が
Expression, Usually in kana
of all people
欠くことができない, かくことができない
Expression, See 欠くことのできない, See 欠くべからざる
indispensable, essential, necessary
どんなことがあっても, どんな事があっても
Expression, Usually in kana
no matter what happens, in any circumstances, at any price
嘘と坊主の頭はゆったことがない, うそとぼうずのあたまはゆったことがない
Expression, See 言う・いう・1, See 結う・ゆう・1, Humorous term, play on 言う and 結う
having never told a lie