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考古学, こうこが
May take 'no'
archaeology, archeology
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ここか, こっから
from here, from this place
口腔癌, 口腔がん, 口腔ガン, こうこうが
Medicine term
oral cancer
硬口蓋, こうこうが
hard palate
今国会, こんこっか
current Diet session
ここかしこ, 此処彼処
Expression, Usually in kana
here and there, around and about
考古学者, こうこがくしゃ
archeologist, archaeologist
考古学界, こうこがくかい
archeological world (archaeological), world of archeology, archeological circles
考古学的, こうこがくてき
archeological, archaeological
硬口蓋音, こうこうがいおん
Linguistics terminology