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腱反射, けんはんしゃ
tendon reflex
護憲派, ごけんは
advocates of protection of the Constitution, supporter of the current Constitution
穏健派, おんけんは
moderate faction, moderates
債券発行, さいけんはっこう
debt issuance, bond issuance
集権排除, しゅうけんはいじょ
decentralization, decentralisation
証券発行, しょうけんはっこう
securities issue
強権発動, きょうけんはつどう
invoking the coercive power of the state, calling upon the power of the state
忠犬ハチ公, ちゅうけんハチこう
faithful dog Hachikō, Akita dog that waited every day at Shibuya station for the return of his owner (1923-1935)
膝蓋腱反射, しつがいけんはんしゃ
kneecap (patellar) reflex
アキレス腱反射, アキレスけんはんしゃ
Achilles tendon reflex
実験発生学, じっけんはっせいがく
experimental embryology
無条件反射, むじょうけんはんしゃ
unconditioned reflex
条件反射, じょうけんはんしゃ
conditioned reflex
世間は広いようで狭い, 世間は広い様で狭い, せけんはひろいようでせまい
Expression, Proverb
though it seems big, it's a small world
中間圏発光現象, ちゅうかんけんはっこうげんしょう
transient luminous event
冷や酒と親の意見は後できく, 冷や酒と親の意見は後で効く, ひやざけとおやのいけんはあとできく
Expression, Proverb
you will appreciate your parents' advice as you grow older, just as it takes time to feel the effects of unwarmed sake
鍵盤, けん盤, けんば
keyboard (piano, computer, etc.)
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犬馬, けんば
dogs and horses, one's humble self
券売機, けんばいき
ticket machine, ticket-vending machine
犬馬の労, けんばのろう
rendering what little service one can
瞼板腺, けんばんせん
See マイボーム腺, Anatomical term
meibomian gland, tarsal gland
腱板疎部, けんばんそぶ
Anatomical term
rotator interval, rotator cuff interval
鍵盤楽器, けんばんがっき
keyboard instrument, clavier
腱板, けんば
See 回旋腱板, Abbreviation
rotator cuff
検番, 見番, けんば
1. geisha call-office, assignation office for geisha
See 検番芸者
2. geisha on call
検番芸者, けんばんげいしゃ
See 検番
geisha belonging to a call-office (usually a skilled geisha)
腱板損傷, けんばんそんしょう
rotator cuff tear
鍵盤ハーモニカ, けんばんハーモニカ
melodica, pianica, blow-organ, keyboard harmonica
世間話, 世間ばなし, せけんばなし
small talk, chat, gossip
石鹸箱, せっけんば
soap dish or box
ご意見箱, ごいけんば
1. suggestion box, opinion box
2. advisor, sounding board
体験版, たいけんば
demo version (of software), trial version