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犬馬, けんば
dogs and horses, one's humble self
けんぱ, ケンパ
See けんけんぱ, Abbreviation
腱反射, けんはんしゃ
tendon reflex
検波, けんぱ
Takes suru, Transitive
1. detection (e.g. of radio waves), detecting
2. demodulation
鍵盤, けんば
keyboard (of a piano, typewriter, etc.)
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倦憊, けんぱ
Takes suru
extreme fatigue
検波器, けんぱ
wave gauge
護憲派, ごけんは
advocates of protection of the Constitution, supporter of the current Constitution
検版, けんぱ
plate check, plate inspection
券売機, けんばいき
ticket machine, ticket-vending machine
穏健派, おんけんは
moderate faction, moderates
建白書, けんぱくしょ
petition, memorial
犬馬の労, けんばのろう
rendering what little service one can
瞼板腺, けんばんせん
See マイボーム腺, Anatomical term
meibomian gland, tarsal gland
腱板疎部, けんばんそぶ
Anatomical term
rotator interval, rotator cuff interval
券売所, けんばいしょ
ticket booth, ticket sales counter
建白, けんぱ
Takes suru, Transitive
petition, memorial
献杯, 献盃, けんぱ
Takes suru, Intransitive
offering a drink
鍵盤楽器, けんばんがっき
keyboard instrument, clavier
堅白同異, けんぱくどうい
sophism, sophistry, quibbling
腱板, けんば
See 回旋腱板, Abbreviation
rotator cuff
検番, 見番, けんば
1. geisha call-office, assignation office for geisha
See 検番芸者
2. geisha on call
債券発行, さいけんはっこう
debt issuance, bond issuance
検番芸者, けんばんげいしゃ
See 検番
geisha belonging to a call-office (usually a skilled geisha)
集権排除, しゅうけんはいじょ
decentralization, decentralisation
腱板損傷, けんばんそんしょう
rotator cuff tear
証券発行, しょうけんはっこう
securities issue
強権発動, きょうけんはつどう
invoking the coercive power of the state, calling upon the power of the state
鍵盤ハーモニカ, けんばんハーモニカ
melodica, pianica, blow-organ, keyboard harmonica
忠犬ハチ公, ちゅうけんハチこう
faithful dog Hachikō, Akita dog that waited every day at Shibuya station for the return of his owner (1923-1935)
膝蓋腱反射, しつがいけんはんしゃ
kneecap (patellar) reflex
アキレス腱反射, アキレスけんはんしゃ
Achilles tendon reflex