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けど, けれど, けれども, けど, けんど
Conjunction, Particle
but, however, although
気取る, けど
Godan verb, Transitive, See 気取られる, usu. used passively as 気取られる
to suspect, to sense
気取られる, けどられる
Ichidan verb, Intransitive, See 気取る・けどる
to arouse suspicion, to be suspected
化導, かどう, けど
Takes suru
influencing (a person) for good
日焼け止め, ひやけど
sunscreen, suntan lotion, sunblock
けど, 火傷, かしょう
Takes suru, Usually in kana
burn, scald
だけれども, だけど
though, much as
生け捕り, 生け擒, 生擒, いけど
capturing alive (an animal or person), something captured alive
引け時, ひけど
closing time
分け取り, わけど
Takes suru
sharing, division
生け捕る, 生捕る, いけど
Godan verb, Transitive
to capture alive, to catch alive, to take prisoner
大やけど, 大火傷, おおやけど
large burn or scald
負け得, まけど
Sumo term
loss of a low-ranked wrestler in the extra eighth bout in the tournament
いけ年, いけど
old enough (to know better, etc.)
付け所, 付けどころ, 着け所, 付所, 着所, つけどころ
See 目の付け所
focus of one's attention, what one is looking for
突然だけど, とつぜんだけど
apropos of nothing, to change the subject
低温やけど, 低温火傷, ていおんやけど
moderate-temperature burn, cold burn
言っとくけど, いっとくけど
for your information, I'm telling you
北マケドニア, きたマケドニア
North Macedonia
話変わるけど, はなしかわるけど
changing the subject, on a different note, by the way
ほとけどじょう, 仏泥鰌, ホトケドジョウ
Usually in kana
Japanese eight-barbel loach (Lefua echigonia)
目の付け所, 目のつけどころ, 目の付けどころ, めのつけどころ
focus of one's attention, what one is looking for, viewpoint, point one is trying to make
鍵開け道具, かぎあけどうぐ
lock pick, lock-opening tools
掛け時計, 掛時計, かけどけい
wall clock
公所, おおやけどころ
1. imperial court, government office
2. imperial land, government land
けども行けども, いけどもいけども
as (one) walks on, and on
笛吹けども踊らず, ふえふけどもおどらず
Expression, Idiomatic expression, from Matthew 11:17
we have piped unto you and ye have not danced, people ignoring one's invitation or effort to do something together
酒処, さけどころ
See 居酒屋
drinking place, bar, izakaya
北マケドニア共和国, きたマケドニアきょうわこく
Republic of North Macedonia
that may be so
陰裏の豆もはじけ時, 陰うらの豆もはじけ時, かげうらのまめもはじけど
Expression, See 豆・3, Proverb
all girls eventually awaken to sex, even the seed growing in the shade will burst open
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