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きつね, 狐, けつね, きつ, キツネ
Usually in kana
1. fox (esp. the red fox, Vulpes vulpes)
2. fox (i.e. a sly person)
See 狐うどん・きつねうどん
3. soba or udon topped with deep-fried tofu
See きつね色, Abbreviation
4. light brown, golden brown
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きつね, キツネ色, 狐色, きつねいろ, キツネいろ
light brown, golden brown
キツネ, キツネぞく
Vulpes, genus comprising the true foxes
狐矢, きつね
See 流れ矢, Obscure term
stray arrow
狐付き, 狐憑き, きつねつき
possession by a fox spirit, person possessed by a fox spirit
きつねざる, 狐猿, キツネザル
Usually in kana
Hawaiian hogfish (Bodianus albotaeniatus), tarry hogfish (Bodianus bilunulatus), saddleback hogfish (Bodianus bilunulatus)
きつねだい, 狐鯛, キツネダイ
Usually in kana
sharphead hogfish (Bodianus oxycephalus)
きつねなす, 狐茄子, キツネナス
See 角茄子, Usually in kana
nipplefruit (Solanum mammosum), apple of Sodom, titty fruit, cow's udder
狐窓, きつねまど
small (latticework) window placed up high
キツネ狩り, 狐狩り, キツネかり, きつねかり
fox hunt, fox hunting
狐拳, きつねけん
game similar to rock, paper, scissors, with the hand gestures fox, hunter and village headman
狐福, きつねふく, きつねぶく
Obscure term
unexpected good fortune
狐焼, きつねやき
Obscure term
cooking (something) to a golden brown, something cooked until it's golden brown
狐格子, きつねごうし
lattice work
きつねうどん, 狐うどん, 狐饂飩, けつねうどん, キツネうどん
Usually in kana
udon with deep-fried tofu
狐の窓, きつねのまど
way of entangling one's hands together to leave a small opening between the middle and ring fingers, fox's window
狐日和, きつねびより
changing weather, fickle weather
キツネザル科, キツネザルか
Lemuridae, family comprising the lemurs
キツネザル属, キツネザルぞく
Eulemur, genus of true lemurs
きつねあざみ, 狐薊, キツネアザミ
Usually in kana
Hemisteptia lyrata
狐火, きつね
St. Elmo's fire, will-o'-the-wisp
狐を落とす, きつねをおとす
Expression, Godan verb
to exorcise a fox spirit (from a person)
smalleye smooth-hound (Mustelus higmani, species of houndshark from the western Atlantic)
狐が落ちる, きつねがおちる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to cease being possessed (by the spirit of a fox), to be released from the grasp of the fox spirit, to be exorcised from the fox spirit
キツネザル下目, キツネザルかもく
Lemuriformes, infraorder containing the lemurs (and sometimes the lorises and galagos)
狐塚, きつねづか
foxhole, fox mound, fox earth
狐の手袋, きつねのてぶくろ
See ジギタリス
digitalis, foxglove
狐に化かされる, きつねにばかされる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to be deceived by a fox
狐につままれる, 狐に抓まれる, 狐に摘まれる, きつねにつままれる
Expression, Ichidan verb, Idiomatic expression
to be bewitched by a fox, to be confused
狐に小豆飯, きつねにあずきめし
Expression, See 猫に鰹節, Idiomatic expression
risky thing to do (like feeding a fox)
狐の嫁入り, きつねの嫁入り, キツネの嫁入り, きつねのよめいり, キツネのよめいり
rain shower while the sun shines, sun shower
狐の子は頬白, きつねのこはつらじろ
Expression, Proverb, Obscure term
the apple does not fall far from the tree, the apple never falls far from the tree, fox pups have white cheeks