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体を張る, からだをはる
Expression, Godan verb
to devote oneself wholeheartedly to, to sacrifice one's health for, to risk one's life
体を惜しむ, からだをおしむ
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to be lazy
体を反らす, からだをそらす
Expression, Godan verb
to bend oneself backward
体を伸ばす, からだをのばす
Expression, Godan verb
to stretch (unbend) oneself
体を壊す, からだをこわす
Expression, Godan verb
to harm one's health
体を起こす, からだをおこす
Expression, Godan verb
to rise, to raise up, to straighten up, to sit up, to stand up
体を許す, からだをゆるす
Expression, Godan verb
to give oneself to (esp. of a woman to a man), to surrender one's body
体を粉にする, からだをこにする
Expression, See 身を粉にする・みをこにする, Idiomatic expression
to work assiduously, to give one's all, to make the utmost effort, to make (grind) one's body into dust
体を交える, からだをまじえる
Expression, Ichidan verb
to have sex, to make love
体を重ねる, 身体を重ねる, からだをかさねる
Expression, Ichidan verb, euphemistic
to have sex, to have a physical relationship
体を動かす, からだをうごかす
Expression, Godan verb
to do physical exercise, to be physically active, to move one's body