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かつて, 嘗て, 曾て, 都て, かって
Adverb, May take 'no', Usually in kana
1. once, before, formerly, ever, former, ex-
used with neg. verb
2. never yet, never before, first time, still not happened
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ソウ, ソ, ゾウ, かつ, かつて, すなわち
formerly, once, before, ever, never, ex-
かつてない, 嘗てない
Expression, See かつて・2, Usually in kana
unprecedented, never seen before
いまだかつて, 未だかつて, 未だ嘗て, 未だ曾て, 今だかつて
Expression, Usually in kana, with neg. verb
not until now, never yet
包括的, ほうかつて
NA-adjective, See 包括
comprehensive, inclusive, encompassing
総括的, そうかつて
all-inclusive, all-embracing, overall, general
一括適用, いっかつてきよう
batch application
包括的提携, ほうかつてきていけい
comprehensive tie-up
包括的核実験禁止条約, ほうかつてきかくじっけんきんしじょうやく
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, CTBT