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かたわら, 傍ら, 側ら, 傍, 旁, 側, 脇
May take 'no', Adverb, See 傍らに
1. side, edge, beside, besides, nearby
Usually in kana
2. while (doing), in addition to, at the same time
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ボウ, ホウ, つくり, かたがた, かたわら
RHS of character, at same time
傍らに, かたわら
beside, nearby
傍らに寄る, かたわらによる
Expression, Godan verb
to step aside
傍らに人無きが如し, 傍らに人無きがごとし, 傍らに人なきがごとし, かたわらにひとなきがごとし
Expression, See 傍若無人・ぼうじゃくぶじん
behaving outrageously as though there were no one around, doing whatever one wants even though others may be watching