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方々, 方方, 方がた, かたがた
Honorific or respectful
1. people, (all) persons, everyone, ladies and gentlemen
2. you (usu. plural)
3. various
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かたがた, 旁, 旁々, 旁旁, 傍
Adverb, Conjunction, Usually in kana
incidentally, at the same time
, つくり
See 偏, e.g. 形 の 彡
right-hand radical of a character
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かたわら, 傍ら, 側ら, 傍, , 側, 脇
May take 'no', Adverb, See 傍らに
1. side, edge, beside, besides, nearby
Usually in kana
2. while (doing), in addition to, at the same time
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