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かかわらず, 拘らず, 関らず, 拘わらず, 関わらず
Expression, Usually in kana
in spite of, regardless of
関わる, 係わる, 拘る, 関る, 拘わる, 係る, かかわる
Conjugated: かかわらず
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to be affected, to be influenced
2. to be concerned with, to have to do with
3. to stick to (opinions)
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にもかかわらず, にも関わらず, にも拘らず, にも拘わらず, にも関らず, にも掛かわらず
Expression, Conjunction, Usually in kana
in spite of, nevertheless, although, despite, no matter the, regardless of
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いかんにかかわらず, 如何にかかわらず
Expression, Usually in kana, often XXのいかんに...
regardless of, irrespective of
それにもかかわらず, それにも拘わらず, 其れにもかかわらず, 其れにも拘わらず
Conjunction, See にも拘わらず, Usually in kana
nonetheless, nevertheless
好むと好まざるとにかかわらず, このむとこのまざるとにかかわらず
Expression, Adverb
whether one likes it or not