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, かい
1. counter for occurrences
2. a time, an instance
3. inning (baseball), round, game
Noun, used as a suffix, Colloquialism
4. episode, chapter, instalment
See 回族, Abbreviation
5. Hui (people)
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, かい
Noun, used as a suffix
1. meeting, assembly, party, gathering, conference, athletic meet
2. society, association, club
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, かい
Noun, used as a suffix
1. storey, story, floor
See 階・きざはし・1
2. stairs
3. stage (in chronostratigraphy)
4. counter for storeys and floors of a building
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, かい
Noun, used as a suffix
1. community, circles, world
Biology term
2. kingdom
Geology term
3. erathem
4. field (electrical)
5. border, boundary, division
買い, かい
1. buying, shopping
2. buyer
3. purchase
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下位, かい
May take 'no'
low rank, lower position, subordinate position, lower order (e.g. byte)
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, かい
1. shellfish
See 貝殻
2. seashell, shell
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, かい
Noun, used as a suffix
, かい
pleasure, delight, enjoyment
甲斐, 詮, 効, かい
See 甲斐・がい
1. effect, result, worth, use, avail
2. Kai (former province located in present-day Yamanashi Prefecture)
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, かい
Mathematics term
1. solution (of an equation, inequality, etc.), root (e.g. of a polynomial)
2. solution (to a given problem), answer
3. explanation, interpretation
, かい
mystery, wonder
下意, かい
the feelings of the people
下医, かい, げい
bad physician, bad doctor
華夷, かい
China and foreign countries (from the perspective of China), civilized land and uncivilized land
歌意, かい
1. meaning of a song
2. meaning of a tanka
かい, かえ
Particle, Familiar language, used at sentence-end; indicates a question (sometimes rhetorical)
yes?, no?, isn't it?, is it?
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, 峽, かい
See はざま・2, Archaism
gorge, ravine
, 殻, 稃, かい, かい
egg, eggshell
Χ, χ, カイ, キー
, かい
paddle, oar, scull
, かい, いんごと
Only かい, Buddhist term
1. admonition, commandment
2. sila (precept)
, かい
See 楷書・かいしょ
1. regular script (of Chinese characters), square style, block style, standard style
2. Chinese pistache (Pistacia chinensis)
下衣, したごろも, かい
See 下着, esp.したごろも
1. undergarment, underwear
esp. かい
2. lower garment (e.g. trousers)
, かゆ, しゅく, かい
1. thin rice porridge, watery cooked rice, rice gruel, congee
Only しゅく
2. breakfast (in Zen temples)
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さじ, 匙, 匕, しゃじ, かい
See スプーン, Usually in kana
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