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, おもて
Antonym: 裏・1
1. surface
2. face (i.e. the visible side of an object)
3. front (of a building, etc.), obverse side (i.e. "head") of a coin
4. outside, exterior
5. appearance
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, おもて, おも, も, もて
1. face
2. surface
Only おもて, Only もて
3. mask (esp. a noh or kyogen mask)
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表向き, おもてむき
Antonym: 裏向き
outward appearance, ostensible, public, official
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表立って, 表だって, おもてだって
publicly, openly, ostensibly, formally
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表立つ, 表だつ, おもてだつ
Godan verb, Intransitive
1. to become public, to become known, to come out in the open
2. to be formal, to be official
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重傷, 重手, じゅうしょう, おもで
serious wound, serious injury
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表通り, 表通, おもてどおり
See 裏通り
main street (as opposed to a side street), high street
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表目, おもて
knit stitch
表地, おもて
See 裏地・1
outer material of a garment, shell of a jacket or coat, garment minus the lining
大モテ, 大もて, 大持て, おおもて
NA-adjective, Takes suru, Intransitive
great popularity
表戸, おもて
front door
重手代, おもてだい
head steward (of an estate)
表側, おもてがわ
May take 'no'
the front
表付き, おもてつき
表編み, おもてあみ
See 裏編み
plain knitting
表の戸, おもてのと
street (front) door
おもてなし, お持て成し
See もてなし・1, Usually in kana
1. hospitality, reception, treatment, service, entertainment
2. (light) refreshment, entertaining with food and drink, treat
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面伏せ, おもてぶせ
Takes suru
being so embarrassed as to keep one's face down
表方, おもてかた
See 裏方・1
theatre staff who deals with the audience (e.g. ticket-taker, usher)
表山, おもてやま
side of a mountain that gets a lot of sunshine (and is therefore suitable for farming)
表店, おもてだな
house on a main street
表年, おもてどし
See なり年・なりどし
1. year of a large crop, good year (for fruit, etc.)
2. high pollen year
表沙汰, 表ざた, おもてざた
1. going public (with a matter), becoming public knowledge
2. recourse to litigation, taking (a matter) to court
表構え, おもてがまえ
the front of a building, facade
表座敷, おもてざしき
See 奥座敷
front room, parlor, parlour, living room
表二階, おもてにかい
second floor front room
表立った, おもてだった
Noun or verb acting prenominally
public, open, formal, official
表舞台, おもてぶたい
front stage, center stage (of politics, etc.)
表千家, おもてせんけ
Omotesenke school of tea ceremony
表流, おもてりゅう
See 表千家
Omotesenke school of tea ceremony
表書き, 表書, おもてがき
address (on envelope, etc.), addressee
表玄関, おもてげんかん
front door, vestibule
表表紙, おもてびょうし
front cover
表で遊ぶ, おもてであそぶ
Expression, Godan verb
to play outside (out of doors)
メン, ベン, おも, おもて, つら