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うまい, 上手い, 美味い, 旨い, 巧い, 甘い, 美い
Usually in kana, esp. 上手い, 巧い
1. skillful, skilful, skilled, good, expert, clever (expression, trick, etc.), apt, appropriate
esp. 旨い, 美味い, 甘い
2. delicious, tasty, nice
esp. 旨い
3. good (deal, idea, etc.), profitable, promising, lucky, fortunate, successful, satisfactory, splendid
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右舞, うまい, うぶ
variety of court dance (Nara period)
うまい, 旨い汁, うまいしる
the lion's share, the cream
うまい, 甘い話, 旨い話, 美味い話, うまいはなし
too-good-to-be-true offers (e.g. scams and frauds), too-good-to-be-true stories
うまい, うまい
See 不断草, Dialect: Osaka-ben
Swiss chard
馬軍, うまいくさ
1. cavalry
2. cavalry battle
馬医者, うまいしゃ
horse doctor, horse veterinarian
successfully, nicely, skillfully
うまい具合に, 上手い具合に, うまいぐあいに
Expression, Adverb, See 具合・4
luckily, happily
馬市, うまい
horse market
うまい汁を吸う, 旨い汁を吸う, うまいしるをすう
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to be onto a good thing, to make money without working, to line one's pockets
馬インフルエンザ, うまインフルエンザ
equine influenza, horse flu
うまい話には裏がある, 甘い話には裏がある, 旨い話には裏がある, 上手い話には裏うらがある, うまいはなしにはうらがある
Expression, Godan verb, Proverb
if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, there's a flip side to every coin
豪邁, ごうまい
intrepidity, indomitableness
数枚, すうまい
several sheets (flat objects)
勇邁, ゆうまい
heroic, courageous
供米, きょうまい
rice delivered to the government
しゅうまい, 焼売, 燒賣, シュウマイ, シューマイ
Food term, Usually in kana
shumai, shaomai, steamed meat dumpling (Chinese-style)
保有米, ほゆうまい
口がうまい, 口が上手い, 口が巧い, くちがうまい
honeymouthed, glib, fair-spoken, cajoling, talking glibly
口のうまい, 口の上手い, くちのうまい
Expression, See 口がうまい
honeymouthed, glib, fair-spoken
小妹, 少妹, しょうまい
1. little sister, younger sister
2. my younger sister
Pronoun, Female term or language, epistolary style, used by young women
3. I, me
糧米, りょうまい
rice (as provisions)
京舞, きょうまい
traditional Kyoto dance
話がうまい, 話が上手い, はなしがうまい
good at storytelling, good at telling (funny) stories, having the gift of gab
舂米, しょうまい, しょうべい
1. polished rice, white rice
2. husking rice with a mortar and pestle
龍舞, りゅうまい
dragon dance (in Chinese culture)
超邁, ちょうまい
excellence, superiority, preeminence
人造米, じんぞうまい
imitation rice
無知蒙昧, むちもうまい
NA-adjective, yojijukugo
unenlightened, uneducated, ignorant
恵方参り, 恵方詣り, 恵方詣, えほうまい
New Year's visit to a shrine or temple which lies in a favorable (favourable) or lucky direction
十枚目, じゅうまい
Sumo term
second highest division
輸入米, ゆにゅうまい
imported rice
口先のうまい, 口先の上手い, くちさきのうまい
smooth talking
ケン, カン, うまい, あん
テン, うまい
to obtain by hook