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うにも, 如何にも
Adverb, Usually in kana, with neg. verb
1. (not) in any way, in no way, at all
2. terribly, awfully, hopelessly
不幸にも, ふこうにも
Expression, Adverb
unfortunately, unluckily, regrettably
十二門, じゅうにも
See 平安京, See 大内裏
the twelve gates of Heian's greater palace
情にもろい, 情に脆い, じょうにもろい
soft-hearted, susceptible, sentimental, tender-hearted
否が応にも, いやが応にも, 嫌が応にも, いやがおうにも
Expression, See 否が応でも, non-standard form of 否が応でも
whether one likes it or not, whether willing or not, willy-nilly
うにもならない, 如何にもならない
Expression, Usually in kana
hopeless, futile, no use, beyond help, cannot be done
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うにもこうにも, 如何にもこうにも
Expression, See どうにも・1, Usually in kana, more emphatic than どうにも
(not) in any way, in no way, at all
弘法にも筆の誤り, こうぼうにもふでのあやまり
Expression, Proverb
Homer sometimes nods, even Kōbō Daishi's handwriting contains mistakes
箸にも棒にも掛からない, はしにもぼうにもかからない
hopeless, unmanageable, incorrigible