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, 厭, 厭や, いや, や, イヤ
disagreeable, detestable, unpleasant, reluctant
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いや, イヤ, いや, イヤー, いや
Interjection, exclamation of surprise
1. why, oh
2. no!, quit it!, stop!
, 愈, いや, いよ, よ, いよよ
Adverb, See 愈々・いよいよ・1, Archaism
1. more and more, increasingly
Only いや
2. extremely, very
いいえ, 否, いいや, いえ, いな, いや
Interjection, Usually in kana
1. no, nay
2. well, er, why
3. you're welcome, not at all, don't mention it
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本家, ほんけ, ほけ, いや, ほんいえ
head house (family), birthplace, originator
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1. but, however, though, nevertheless, still, yet, even so, also, as well, no matter how, even if, even though
2. ... or something
as 〜でも〜でも
3. either ... or ..., neither ... nor ...
Prefix, before an occupation, etc.
4. pseudo-, quack, in-name-only
See でもしか
5. for lack of anything better to do
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