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いつまで, 何時まで, 何時迄
Adverb, Usually in kana
how long?, till when?
いつまで, 何時までも, 何時迄も
Adverb, Usually in kana
forever, for good, eternally, as long as one likes, indefinitely, no matter what
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いつまで経っても, 何時まで経っても, いつまでたっても
no matter how much time passes
いつまでもあると思うな親と金, 何時迄もあると思うな親と金, いつまでもあるとおもうなおやとかね
Expression, Proverb
you can't rely on parents and money to stay around forever, money comes and goes; so do parents
いついつまで, 何時何時までも, 何時何時迄も
Expression, Usually in kana
indefinitely, for a long time