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いったん, 一旦
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. once
2. for a short time, briefly, temporarily
3. one morning
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一反, 一段, いったん
one-tenth hectare
一端, いったん
1. one end, an end
2. part, fragment
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一箪, 一簞, いったん
See 一簞の食一瓢の飲
bamboo utensil (for holding food), bamboo dish
一端を担う, いったんをになう
Expression, Godan verb, Idiomatic expression
to be partly responsible for, to have a part in, to play a role in
一旦緩急, いったんかんきゅう
Expression, yojijukugo
(when) danger threatens, should an emergency occur
一箪の食一瓢の飲, 一簞の食一瓢の飲, いったんのしいっぴょうのいん
Expression, Idiomatic expression, from the Analects of Confucius
simple food and drink, being content with a frugal life, a bamboo dish of rice and a gourd of drink
一弾指, いちだんし, いったん
brief moment, twinkling of an eye, instant
一長一短, いっちょういったん
(something having its) merits and demerits, advantages and disadvantages, good points and shortcomings
問うは一旦の恥、問わぬは末代の恥, 問うは一旦の恥問わぬは末代の恥, とうはいったんのはじとわぬはまつだいのはじ
Expression, Proverb
better to ask and be embarrassed than not ask and never know