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, いた
1. board, plank
2. sheet (of metal), plate (of glass), pane, slab
See 俎板
3. cutting board, chopping board
See 板前・1, See 板場・いたば・2, Abbreviation, usu. as 板さん
4. chef (esp. of high-end Japanese cuisine), cook
5. stage (i.e. at a theatre)
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, いた
ouch, ow, that hurt
いる, 居る
Conjugated: いた
Ichidan verb, Intransitive, See 在る・1, Usually in kana
1. to be (of animate objects), to exist
2. to stay
Auxiliary verb, after the -te form of a verb; indicates continuing action or state
3. to be ...-ing, to have been ...-ing
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射る, いる
Conjugated: いた
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to shoot (arrow, bolt, dart)
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鋳る, 鑄る, いる
Conjugated: いた
Ichidan verb, Transitive
to cast, to mint, to coin
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いる, 癒る
Conjugated: いた
Ichidan verb, Intransitive, See 腹が居る, Usually in kana, Archaism, usu. as 腹がいる
to calm down
なら, なら
Auxiliary, hypothetical form of the copula だ, from なり and sometimes classed as a particle
1. if, in case, if it is the case that, if it is true that
Only なら
2. as for, on the topic of
Conjunction, See それなら, Colloquialism, Abbreviation
3. if that's the case, if so, that being the case
Only ならば
4. if possible, if circumstances allow
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奈良, なら
Nara (city, prefecture)
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なら, 楢, 柞, 枹
Usually in kana
oak (esp. Quercus serrata)
なあ, なー, なぁ
Interjection, Familiar language, used to get someone's attention or press one's point
hey, say, look
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