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いくら, 幾ら
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. how much
Noun, used as a suffix, after a rounded number, esp. a sum of money
2. something over, and something, -odd
as いくら...〜ても, いくら...〜でも, etc.
3. however (much), no matter how
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, いく
Prefix, See 幾日か, before a counter or noun + か
1. some, several, a few
See 幾日も, before a counter or noun (+も)
2. many
See 幾日・1
3. how many, how much
See 幾久しい, before an adjective
4. very, so (much)
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ほとほと, 殆,
Adverb, Usually in kana, usu. indicates exasperation
quite, utterly, really, completely
など, , 抔
Particle, Usually in kana
1. et cetera, etc., and the like, and so forth
after an approximate quote or vague suggestion
2. or something
lessening the significance or value of the previous word
3. the likes of
4. for example, for instance, for one
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, とう
Noun, used as a suffix, Counter
1. class, order, rank
Suffix, See 等・など・1
2. et cetera, etc., and the like
3. equal, iso-
Suffix, Usually in kana
1. pluralizing suffix
See あちら, See いくら・1
2. or so, rough indicator of direction, location, amount, etc.
See 清ら, after the stem of an adjective
3. nominalizing suffix
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