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いくら, 幾ら
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. how much
Noun, used as a suffix, after a rounded number, esp. a sum of money
2. something over, and something, -odd
as いくら...〜ても, いくら...〜でも, etc.
3. however (much), no matter how
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See 筋子, Food term
salted salmon roe
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いくら, 幾らか
Adverb, May take 'no', Usually in kana
1. some, (a) little
2. somewhat, to some extent, in part
いくら, 幾らも
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. a lot, many
with neg. verb
2. (not) much, (not) many, almost (none), hardly, barely
いくらでも, 幾らでも
Adverb, Usually in kana
1. as many as one likes, as much as one likes
2. great many, plenty, to any degree, in unlimited quantities, any amount (of), any number (of)
as いくらでもない
3. almost (none), (not) much
4. no matter how much, no matter how big or small
いくらなんでも, いくら何でも, 幾ら何でも
Expression, Usually in kana
no matter how you put it, whatever the circumstances may be, say what you like, no matter how you look at it
いくらにもならない, 幾らにもならない
Expression, Usually in kana
very little (amount), next to nothing, hardly any, paltry, meagre
イクラ, メークラブ, メイク・ラブ, メーク・ラブ
Takes suru
making love
言い暮らす, 言暮らす, いいくら
Godan verb
to pass the time talking
一山いくら, 一山幾ら, ひとやまいくら
May take 'no'
1. dirt cheap, very cheap, worthless
2. lot (in a sale)
恋い暮らす, こいくら
Yodan verb, Transitive, Archaism
to live deeply in love
モザイク卵, モザイクら
mosaic egg
基底クラス, きていクラ
Computer terminology
base class
負けないくら, まけないくら
Expression, Adverb, See 負けないぐらい・まけないぐらい
as much as possible, unbeatably, unsurpassably
イクライダー, バイク・ライダー
bike rider, biker
背比べ, 背較べ, 背競べ, せいくら, せくらべ
Takes suru, Intransitive
comparing heights, comparison of statures
イクラ, ハイ・クラス
high class
almost not able (to do something)
申し訳ないくら, 申し訳ないぐらい, 申し訳ない位, もうしわけないくら, もうしわけないぐらい
Expression, Adverb, May take 'no'
to the extent it makes one feel apologetic, so (much, good, etc.) that one feels guilty
どんぐりの背比べ, ドングリの背比べ, どんぐりの背くらべ, 団栗の背比べ, どんぐりのせいくら, ドングリのせいくら
Expression, Idiomatic expression
1. having very little difference between one another, being much of a muchness, being more or less the same, height comparison among acorns
2. pointless competition (between two equally unimpressive parties), pissing contest
対象体クラス, たいしょうたいクラ
Computer terminology
object class
文書体系クラス, ぶんしょたいけいクラ
Computer terminology
document architecture class
論理対象体クラス, ろんりたいしょうたいクラ
Computer terminology
logical object class
割付け対象体クラス, わりつけたいしょうたいクラ
Computer terminology
layout object class
対象体クラス記述部, たいしょうたいクラスきじゅつぶ
Computer terminology
object class description
海外暮らし, かいがいぐらし, かいがいくら
Takes suru
living abroad, life overseas