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行手, 行き手, ゆきて, いきて
See 来手
someone who is going
生きる, 活きる, いきる
Conjugated: いきて
Ichidan verb, Intransitive
1. to live, to exist
2. to make a living, to subsist
3. to be in effect, to be in use, to function
4. to come to life, to be enlivened
5. to be safe (in baseball, go, etc.)
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生きていく, 生きて行く, 生きてゆく, いきていく, いきてゆく
Expression, Godan verb
to subsist, to keep on living
意気天を衝く, いきてんをつく
Expression, Godan verb, See 意気衝天
to be in high spirits
生きていかれない, 生きて行かれない, いきていかれない
can't survive (without ...)
生きている化石, いきているかせき
living fossil
定期的, ていきて
periodic, regular, routine
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回帰的, かいきて
地域的, ちいきて
regional, local
再帰的, さいきて
NA-adjective, Computer terminology
回帰テスト, かいきテスト
Computer terminology
regression test
大域的, たいいきて
NA-adjective, Computer terminology
景気停滞, けいきていたい
economic slump
定期点検, ていきてんけん
periodic check, periodic inspection, routine inspection
景気低迷, けいきていめい
economic slump, economic stagnation, lackluster economy, stagnant economy, sluggish economy, slow economy, dwindling economy
地域的分布, ちいきてきぶんぷ
regional distribution
再帰的に呼ぶ, さいきてきによぶ
Expression, Godan verb, Computer terminology
to call recursively
再帰的定義, さいきてきていぎ
Computer terminology
recursive definitions
局在基底, きょくざいきて
Mathematics term
local basis, localized basis
性器的性格, せいきてきせいかく
genital character (in psychoanalysis)
再帰的サブルーチン, さいきてきサブルーチン
Computer terminology
recursive subroutine
領域定義属性, りょういきていぎぞくせい
Computer terminology
domain defined attributes
平気で, へいきで
without compunction, coolly, without batting an eyelid, unscrupulously, nonchalantly, remorselessly, without hesitation
正規電圧, せいきでんあつ
Computer terminology
normal mode voltage
待機電力, たいきでんりょく
standby electricity consumption, power use by devices on standby, phantom load
広帯域伝送, こうたいいきでんそう
Computer terminology
broadband transmission
地域電話サービス, ちいきでんわサービス
Computer terminology
local telephone service
地域電話会社, ちいきでんわがいしゃ
Computer terminology
local telephone company
最大正規電圧, さいだいせいきでんあつ
Computer terminology
maximum normal mode voltage
最大作動正規電圧, さいだいさどうせいきでんあつ
Computer terminology
maximum operating normal mode voltage