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遺憾, いかん
regrettable, unsatisfactory, deplorable, lamentable
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如何, 奈何, いかん
after a noun (+ の)
1. (depending on) how, (depending on) what, nature (of)
Adverb, at sentence end
2. what is ...?, how is ...?, what will be ...?
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いかん, 行かん
Expression, Usually in kana
1. not going (well), not proceeding (as one wishes)
2. bad, not good
See いけない・4
3. hopeless, beyond hope
See いけない・2, after the -te form of a verb or adjective
4. must not (do, be), should not, ought not to
移管, いかん
Takes suru, Transitive
transfer of control
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伊艦, いかん
Italian warship
位冠, いかん
ancient headgear showing rank
位官, いかん
rank and official position
偉観, いかん
magnificent sight, grand sight, spectacular view, fine spectacle
胃管, いかん
stomach tube, nasogastric tube
医官, いかん
medical officer
尉官, いかん
officer below the rank of major, company officer
衣冠, いかん
kimono and ancient head-dress
移監, いかん
Takes suru
transfer (of a prisoner to another institution of confinement), prison transfer, transferring prison
一環, いっかん
1. link (e.g. in a chain of events), part (of a plan, campaign, activities, etc.)
May take 'no', Botany term
2. monocyclic
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一貫, いっかん
Takes suru, Transitive, Intransitive
1. consistency, coherence, integration
See 貫・1
2. one kan (approx. 3.75 kg)
3. one piece of sushi
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印鑑, いんかん
See 判子
stamp, seal
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胃がん, 胃癌, 胃ガン, いがん
Medicine term
stomach cancer
依願, いがん
in accordance with one's request
一巻, 一巻き, いっかん, ひとまき
1. one roll
2. one book, one volume
Only いっかん
3. first volume
Only ひとまき
4. rolling once, wrapping once around
一管, いっかん
one flute, one brush
印環, いんかん
See 印環細胞
signet ring (in medical contexts, e.g. signet ring cell)
如何で, いかん
Expression, See いかん・2, after a noun (+ の)
depending on ...
一竿, いっかん
one pole (esp. used for fishing poles), one rod
維管束, いかんそく
fibrovascular bundle
いかんせん, 如何せん
Expression, Usually in kana
1. to one's regret, regrettably, unfortunately
as 〜をいかんせん
2. what can be done about ..., ... cannot be helped
遺憾なく, 遺憾無く, 如何なく, 如何無く, いかんなく
amply, sufficiently, fully, completely, all out
殷鑑, いんかん
See 殷鑑遠からず
past example serving as a warning
如何とも, いかんとも
Expression, Adverb
(not) in any way, in no way
易感染, いかんせん
Medicine term
susceptibility to infection, lack of resistance to infection
遺憾の意, いかんのい
regret, disappointment
遺憾ながら, いかんながら
I regret to say, I'm sorry to say, unfortunately
易感染性, いかんせんせい
衣冠束帯, いかんそくたい
full Japanese court dress of traditional fashion
遺憾千万, いかんせんばん
NA-adjective, yojijukugo
highly regrettable, utterly deplorable
如何によって, いかんによって
Expression, See いかん・2, after a noun (+ の)
depending on ...
遺憾にたえない, 遺憾に堪えない, いかんにたえない
deeply regrettable
いかんにかかわらず, 如何にかかわらず
Expression, Usually in kana, often XXのいかんに...
regardless of, irrespective of
いかんともしがたい, 如何ともしがたい
Expression, Usually in kana
nothing can be done (about), cannot be helped
維管束植物, いかんそくしょくぶつ
vascular plant
維管束形成層, いかんそくけいせいそう
vascular cambium, wood cambium
会館, 会舘, かいかん
meeting hall, assembly hall
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警官, けいかん
See 警察官・けいさつかん
police officer, policeman, constable
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司令官, しれいかん
commandant, commanding officer, general
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大歓迎, だいかんげい
warm welcome, favorable reception
性感帯, せいかんたい
erogenous zone
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