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言う通り, 言うとおり, いう通り, いうとおり
Expression, often as 〜が言う通りに〜 or 〜の言う通りに〜
as (somebody) says
言うところの, 言う所の, 謂う所の, いうところの
what is called, as it is called, the so-called, known as, so to speak
いえども, 雖も, いうと
Expression, Usually in kana
even though, despite, notwithstanding
どちらかというと, どちらかと言うと
Expression, Usually in kana
if anything, if pushed I'd say, if I had to say
いざという時, いざと言う時, いざというと
Expression, Adverb, See いざ
at the critical moment, when the time comes, when it's most important, when necessary, in an emergency, when push comes to shove
いうと, と言うと
Expression, Usually in kana
1. when it comes to ..., if one were to speak of ..., when one hears ...
Conjunction, sometimes in sentence-initial position
2. by ... you mean ..., when you say ... you mean that ..., so that means
indicates that what follows is inevitable
3. whenever ..., if it's ... then (without fail)
からいうと, からいって, からいえば
in terms of, from the point of view of
実を言うと, 実をいうと, じつをいうと, じつをゆうと
Expression, Adverb, See 実を言えば
as a matter of fact, to tell the truth
いうところ, という所, と言うところ, と言う所, とゆう所, とゆうところ
Expression, Usually in kana
1. the point of ..., the place where ..., the part where ..., a position described as ...
2. a place called ..., places known as ...
at sentence end
3. I would say ..., ... is how I'd put it, I suppose that ..., it's the case that ..., the situation is that ...
4. at the most, no more than
欲を言うと, よくをいうと
Expression, See 欲を言えば
ideally, if one were to wish for more
なぜかというと, なぜかと言うと, 何故かと言うと
Expression, Usually in kana
because, the reason why is
何かと言うと, 何かというと, なにかというと
on the least pretext, at the drop of a hat
どうかと言うと, 如何かと言うと, どうかというと
if you ask me ..., as for ...
例えて言うと, たとえて言うと, たとえていうと
figuratively speaking, metaphorically speaking, so to speak, to use a figure of speech
逆に言うと, 逆にいうと, ぎゃくにいうと
if anything, conversely, putting it the other way around, coming at it from the opposite angle
簡単に言うと, かんたんにいうと
simply put
厳密に言うと, 厳密にいうと, げんみつにいうと
Expression, See 厳密に言えば
strictly speaking
手短に言うと, てみじかにいうと
in brief, to put it succinctly
何言うとんねん, なにいうとんねん
Dialect: Kansai-ben
what the hell are you saying?
結果から言うと, けっかからいうと
to go straight to the point, to cut it short
どっちかというと, どっちかと言うと
Expression, See どちらかと言うと・どちらかというと, Usually in kana
if anything, if pushed I'd say, if I had to say
いよいよという時, いよいよと言う時, いよいよというと
(at the) last moment, (in the) nick of time
実の事を言うと, 実のことを言うと, 実のことをいうと, じつのことをいうと
to tell the truth, in actuality, in reality
何を言うとんねん, なにをいうとんねん
Expression, Dialect: Kansai-ben
what the hell are you saying?
結論から言うと, けつろんからいうと
going straight to the point, cutting it short, as it turns out
当世風に言うと, とうせいふうにいうと
as we would say nowadays
来年の事を言うと鬼が笑う, らいねんのことをいうとおにがわらう
Expression, Proverb
nobody knows the morrow, speak of next year and the ogres laugh
どれにしようかな天の神様の言う通り, どれにしようかな天の神様のいうとおり, どれにしようかなてんのかみさまのいうとおり
Expression, See どれにしようかな
eeny, meeny, miny, moe, eenie, meenie, minie, moe
舞人, まいびと, まいうど, まいにん
dancer (esp. a bugaku dancer)