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あそこ, 彼処, 彼所, あすこ, かしこ, アソコ, あしこ, あこ
Pronoun, See どこ・1, See ここ・1, See そこ・1, Usually in kana, place physically distant from both speaker and listener
1. there, over there, that place, yonder, you-know-where
Only あそこ, Only あすこ, Only アソコ, Colloquialism
2. genitals, private parts, nether regions
See あれほど, something psychologically distant from both speaker and listener
3. that far, that much, that point
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, 函, 匣, 筥, 筐, 凾, はこ, ハコ
1. box, case, chest, package, pack, crate
2. car (of a train, etc.)
3. shamisen case
See 箱物・1, Colloquialism, often written as ハコ
4. public building, community building
See 箱屋・2, Archaism
5. man who carries a geisha's shamisen
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紙縒り, 紙縒, 紙撚り, 紙撚, 紙捻り, 紙捻, こより, かみより
string made from twisted paper
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